Zaycev – MP3 Music 7.8.3 for Android

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Zaycev – Music MP3 is an application for downloading hundreds of thousands of songs directly to your Android. If you prefer, you can also stream music as long as you have a stable internet connection.

The main problem with Zaycev – Music MP3 is that the interface is in Russian only, so most users will not understand it. However, you do not need to know Russian to enter the name of the songs or artists you like and press “download” and that is basically all you have to do to listen to music in this application.

Downloading music to Zaycev – Music MP3 is as easy as pressing the download button. You can also stream a song by clicking on it and see the album cover, band info, etc.

Zaycev – Music MP3 is a great music download application that was quickly christened “the new Invenio Carmen”. And not for nothing: the amount of music you can download through this app is huge.


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