Youtube 16.01.34 for Android – Download

Download Free Youtube 16.01.34 for Android – Download

Youtube is the official application for the largest and most popular video platform in the world. The house hosts millions and millions of videos, with daily downloads of hundreds of thousands of new clips.

From the official application you get full access to all the selected videos for each day, as well as an easy way to locate videos that deal with topics that interest you. All this comes through an easy-to-use interface that is perfectly adapted to smartphones and the additional ability to set and use gesture shortcuts.

One of the most interesting features of the Youtube app is that you can play videos in the background while browsing other apps or websites. This way you can listen to music, for example, while working on something else. Additionally, you can close any video by simply swiping your finger across the screen.

Another interesting feature of the official Youtube application is that it allows you to stream videos you play on your Android by setting up a Chromecast device. You can also perform voice searches directly from the app itself.

Youtube for Android is a very useful application for every regular Youtube user. It makes browsing YouTube much more convenient than your browser. In fact, Youtube is a recommended application for almost anyone with Android.

How to enable night mode in your favorite Android apps

In recent months, a bunch of apps have launched a night mode or dark theme. Although it may seem like a trend, the truth is that you can prevent eye strain caused by screens simply by activating this option. It has also been shown that implementing this feature can help reduce battery consumption. In fact, if your smartphone has an OLED screen, every black pixel will be turned off. Therefore, considering all the above (it is fully worded), we considered it a good idea to make a list of steps on how to apply the night mode to the applications you use the most.

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YouTube Premium and YouTube Music will be released on May 22

Google has just announced some major changes to the video platform with the arrival of two new paid services that will add exclusive features to the platform. YouTube Red will now be called YouTube Premium, while the music-focused variant will be called YouTube Music. We already know which countries will have it available and how much it will cost each one.

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YouTube launches Reels, its own version of Stories

It seems like everyone wants to get a piece of the Stories feature created by Snapchat and spread internationally by Instagram. YouTube is now joining the party, with its own version now in beta. They call this new video format Reels and one feature has been strategically omitted: videos do not expire.

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