VSCO Cam 201 for Android

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VSCO Cam is a photo editing tool that gives the photos you take with your Android device a much more elegant touch.

You can take photos from the VSCO Cam application itself, where they are stored in a folder with thumbnail preview enabled. This makes it easy to choose which images you want to work with anywhere.

Once you select a photo, you will have access to dozens of options for editing it. Just select a filter to add or a function to perform (color adjustment, contrast, brightness, etc.) and adjust the corresponding parameters.

When you’re done with your photos, you can share them using other apps like Facebook or Instagram. Of course, you can also choose to email them to yourself or save them to your device for later.

In addition to storing photos, VSCO Cam stores all the information for each image. This means you got it, the date, the filters you used to edit it, etc. – everything.

The VSCO Cam is an excellent photo editing tool with a more professional interface and better results than most of the competition.

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