Voice Aloud Reader 24.2.1 for Android

Download Free Voice Aloud Reader 24.2.1 for Android

Voice Aloud Reader is a tool that can read “aloud” from any text you have saved on your Android phone. You can even choose from dozens of different options regarding language, sound, reading speed, etc.

To use Voice Aloud Reader, you must first download the text you want to the device memory in plain text, if possible. Theoretically, the application can also read PDF and HTML, but it usually works best with TXT.

In the Voice Aloud Reader settings you can select the language as well as the type of voice you want to play if there are several available for this language. New voices will be automatically added to the updates, so you will not have to search for them yourself.

Once the application starts reading aloud, you can adjust the volume, volume, and read speed. And if you want the program to read a specific paragraph, you just have to double-click it to jump straight there.

Voice Aloud Reader is a great text reader application. With it, you can comfortably listen to any book you have stored in your phone memory. Just plug in your headphones and start listening.


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