Vinylage Player 2.0.16 for Android

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Vinylage Player is a complete music player that lets you enjoy your HiFi quality music library. In other words, with sound quality that is as close as possible to the original. Thanks to this standard, you can play your music with the least possible noise and distortion. Listen to your favorite music with this extremely versatile music player and use all available customizations to have the ultimate best audio experience.

In the main window of Vinylage Player, you will see a disc player in the middle of the screen with its corresponding features, the player bar at the bottom and a few buttons on the sides that will take you to the audio settings. The turntable is fully customizable in terms of quality, type of sound and the interface itself. Add a splash of color and enjoy your songs with the most impressive turntable you have ever seen or heard.

When it comes to customizing audio, you can go to the volume section where you will find a number of tools that you can customize as much as you want. Play with the five bars on the equalizer and add as many changes as you want. You can even play the track and make the adjustments you want while the song is playing to make sure it sounds perfect.

To complete this, Vinylage Player offers the ability to create your own playlists by adding all the audio tracks you want, in whatever order you want. The app also offers a shuffle function to listen to your tracks in random order. Another useful feature is the option to play the same song twice in a playlist. This way, you can listen to your favorite songs sometimes without having to go back and select them manually.


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