Videoshow 9.1.48 cn for Android

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VideoShow is a video editing tool that lets you create fun movies using the videos you capture and save to your Android device.

The app lets you capture any video on your device and apply different filters – like Instagram-style color profiles – to it. This way, your results could have a warmer or cooler effect, or change to black and white or sepia tones.

You can also use VideoShow to add subtitles to any video or to change its audio. Just set the appropriate options when playing the video from the editor and you can apply any change you want.

Once you have finished editing your video, you can export it with the same quality as the original or compress it to save space. Of course, if you squeeze it, the quality will decrease, but it will also be easier to share with others.

VideoShow is a simple video editing tool that produces good results. It is ideal to help you make small changes to your favorite videos.


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