Touchnote 12.17.0 for Android – Download

Download Free Touchnote 12.17.0 for Android – Download

Touchnote – Postales is an application that allows its users to create, personalize and send real postcards to their loved ones, arriving directly at their home.

Of course, you have to pay money to send the postcards. You have to keep in mind that although the application is free, if you want the postcards to reach their destination, you have to pay for it (which, on the other hand, makes a lot of sense).

The options for creating postcards are very simple, which will make them easier to assemble. You will need to select an image from your gallery, customize it, write the text you want to appear, and when it is finished, confirm that you want to send it. You can even do this creation phase without being connected to the Internet.

Touchnote – Postales is a very interesting application because you will be able to make wonderful gifts for your loved ones. Because even though an email is good, holding a good postcard in your hands beats everything else.


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