StoryArt 2.8.3 for Android – Download

Download Free StoryArt 2.8.3 for Android – Download

StoryArt is an application that you can use to quickly and easily create beautiful Instagram stories. All you have to do is choose one of the tons of free templates at your disposal, add your own photos and use as many filters as you want. This is!

There are more than 200 different templates divided into 20 categories. You can find anything from Halloween, minimalism, graffiti and every theme to dozens of templates.

Customizing a template with StoryArt is simple, by clicking a few times and replacing the default images in the template for your own photos. You can also add filters and text to the image to give them a very unique touch.

StoryArt is a really easy-to-use image editing application that delivers great results. One thing worth mentioning is that although it is geared towards Instagram stories, you can actually use it for other editing purposes.


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