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Manage your music, listeners and fans with Spotify for Artists, a tool created specifically for musicians with Spotify profiles. This application makes it easy to manage everything related to your music.

Change the image of your channel, create playlists, write your resume, or create a selection of artists to share with your followers from your personal Spotify for Artists profile. In addition, the app has the huge advantage that it allows you to promote your music to as many people as possible and then watch how the number of listeners, fans and other data changes in real time.

If you’re an artist with a Spotify account, this tool is perfect for managing everything, no matter where you are, from your device. If you do not yet have a Spotify page, ask your record label or company to contact Spotify, as they only accept music from an official distributor. Share upcoming tours and new releases with your fans and enjoy the community you have created thanks to the Spotify for Artists management app.


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