Soundcorset Afinador y Metrônomo 6 for Android

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The Soundcorset Afinador y Metrônomo is a convenient and professional application for tuning your instruments in a simple and accurate way, without the need for anything other than an Android smartphone.

The interface of this application is designed so that you can use it quickly and easily, with large buttons that you can easily touch even when you have an instrument in your hands or you are otherwise committed. Some of the best features in the Soundcorset Afinador y Metrônomo are a composer who listens to the sound and a tuning fork that plays the exact note. This app also has a fully customizable frequency that you can customize to your needs as well as a metronome. if for some reason you can not hear it, you can also change it to lighting mode in which the metronome flashes to the rhythm.

Other amazing features in this app include a recording system that helps you record everything you create before you forget it. Even better, you can use this app to tune all kinds of instruments, such as guitars, banjo, ukuleles, trumpets, drums, flutes, cello, violets, clarinets, violins, mandolins and more, so no matter what instrument you play .

If you are a musician looking for an app that will help you tune your instruments quickly and easily, and much more, the Soundcorset Afinador y Metrônomo has everything you need to play better without wasting time tuning.


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