Shazam 11.38.0-210805 for Android – Download

Download Free Shazam 11.38.0-210805 for Android – Download

Shazam is a great app that helps us learn the title of each song as you listen to it.

All you have to do is hold your Android phone close to the audio source and wait about five seconds for the song to process. Immediately after, and without having to be silent, the program will tell you the exact title of the song you were listening to.

The program database recognizes songs from Kanye West to Frank Sinatra or the Spice Girls. Nothing or almost nothing escapes the application, thanks to its huge music database.

Shazam is quite useful for music lovers, because you can often find yourself in a situation where you are listening to a song that you do not recognize. So, with a simple gesture, place your phone near the audio source to learn the title of the song and listen to it as much as you want.


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