Self Camera Shot 5.7.9 for Android

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Self Camera Shot is an application that allows you to take pictures while whistling. Instead of having to press a button to take the photo, you just need to whistle for the app to pull the app.

The main use of Self Camera Shot is to take selfies with a selfie stick in an easy and simple way. Or you could even leave the device on any surface, move away and whistle to take the selfie. Once your device has recorded the sound, a short countdown will start and in a few seconds you will have your picture.

The settings in Self Camera Shot allow you to adjust the sensitivity of the sound and even change the whistle to any loud noise. This second option can cause you some problems if you are in a noisy environment.

Self Camera Shot is a great application. with it you can take selfies much easier. It also takes up very little space in your memory and consumes minimal resources.


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