Private Photo Vault 3.0.18 for Android

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Private Photo Vault is an application where you can put personal photos and videos to protect them from prying eyes. All you have to do is generate a four-digit code that you then use to open the application.

Once in the app, you can create protected folders and fill them with your photos and videos. These protected folders have no size limit and you can even add a second password. That way, if someone guesses the first password, they will have to guess the second password to access your files.

It is important to keep in mind that your photos are moving in the application. So if you delete the application, you also delete the photos. If you want to delete the application, you must first remove your photos.

Private Photo Vault is a great virtual treasure trove to protect your personal files. The application also includes a web browser from which you can save photos directly to your protected folders.


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