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Download Free PhotoTime 3.6.3 for Android – Download

PhotoTime is a useful application for photographers who want to know what time the golden hour appears every day. This time of day is preferred by many professional photographers because of the way beautiful light enhances their photos.

The PhotoTime interface is very simple. First, select your location from the top of the screen, as the golden hour may be a little earlier or later, depending on the city you are in.

It is worth noting that PhotoTime can tell you not only when it is golden hour, but also blue time. The blue hour is ideal for taking photos with cooler tones without having to digitally edit the photo. If you choose to take pictures during the golden hour, on the other hand, the sounds of your photos will be much warmer. Thanks to this application, you can also control the weather for morning and afternoon.

PhotoTime makes it easy to take photos during these special hours of the day. All you have to do is choose a date and your location to see the best time to go out and take pictures.


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