MusicAll 2.0.45 for Android – Download

Download Free MusicAll 2.0.45 for Android – Download

MusicAll is software that lets you stream millions of songs from your Android – completely free. In other words, it allows you to do almost the same thing with Spotify but without paying a penny.

How MusicAll works is simple: enter the name of the artist, album or song you want to listen to and you will have access to this content in seconds. So simple. How is this done? Because MusicAll borrows music from YouTube.

The best thing about MusicAll is not that it lets you stream millions of different songs, but that you can sync it with the memory of your Android device. Basically, this way you can download songs and listen even without internet access.

MusicAll even lets you adjust the sound quality. With this feature, you can save money on your data if you listen via 3G or when you turn off windows when connected to WiFi.

As usual with this type of app, you can create custom MusicAll playlists, save favorite artists or albums, or discover new artists through the app. MusicAll is a great tool for listening to music and offers more features than most of its competition – and it’s free. Essential for music lovers.


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