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If you like to study with music or relax with relaxed sounds, Study Music is an application that will help you enjoy a moment of peace thanks to the relaxing sound that is ideal for studying, reading or concentrating anytime, anywhere. Create your own relaxing environment with this tool and adapt every little sound to your needs.

From the main window of the Music Study you can access the music for reading, collecting, memorizing or studying, among other options. Once you find what you need or want, you can start playing the sound as background noise. Whatever your choice, you will find a set of items to add to the base you are playing. So you can add the sound of bird songs, crashing waves or falling rain, among other options.

One of the great advantages of studying Music is that you do not need an internet connection, which means you can use it wherever you want without worrying about your data allowance or roaming. Take this app with you everywhere and prepare for your exams in the best possible way, playing all kinds of relaxing sounds that will help you concentrate better.

In addition, if you want to expand your audio range, Music Music includes a dedicated section where you can find dozens of additional options that require an Internet connection but allow you to enjoy a wide range of options.


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