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Learn Piano is a good way to practice in the best possible way: playing songs that you like and easily recognize. This application will help you follow the rhythm while playing, ultimately improving your technique. With thousands of choices to choose from, you can easily learn famous songs from historical musicians and bands, step by step and in an extremely simple way: the piano keys will light up at the exact moment you need to press them.

The entire keyboard is marked on each key, so you can easily recognize the notes and better adapt to a real piano. Its interface is also fully customizable, as are the fingerprints.

If you want to practice with a particular song, you can activate the loop function so that the track does not stop playing. You can also give your piano different sound styles depending on what you want to play. The settings menu includes many options and additional features to try as well.

Learn Piano also includes a function for children, so that young children can play this instrument more easily. That said, this app can be enjoyed by both adults and children.


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