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Download Free Idagio 2.8.4 for Android – Download

Idagio is a platform dedicated exclusively to classical music. In its elegant minimalist environment, you can access the most famous albums and composers of all time. The sound quality of the entire repertoire is excellent, allowing you to enjoy all the nuances of each song.

The Idagio design lets you find the song or composer you are looking for in no time. As on similar platforms like Spotify, each album, collection and artist has its own image so that they are easily recognizable. Clicking on an item in the list opens a list of all the songs you can listen to.

There is also a wheel at the bottom of the toolbar that lets you listen to songs that fit your current mood. By selecting your mood, the platform selects different tunes to suit it.

Idagio is a music platform that moves away from the pop music you usually listen to to offer you a wide range of contemporary and early classical music. This app provides great sound quality and well-organized content, giving you access to a wealth of playlists and songs to fill your day with great music.


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