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Gallery Go is a fast, efficient image collection application that can organize all your images and videos and is even designed for offline work, taking up only 10 MB of space on your phone. Basically, Gallery Go is the lite version of Google Fotos.

This image collection is designed for devices with fewer resources, but that does not mean it does not have great features. Gallery Go automatically organizes all your pictures and videos into separate files, including selfies, nature, animals, documents, videos and movies.

Not only that, but Gallery Go also includes a basic image editor that uses preset modifications to adjust the brightness, tone, and saturation of your photo. This app can also move or crop parts of the image, and even has an auto-edit feature that can optimize your photos.

Finally, Gallery Go can organize your images using face recognition technology and is even optimized for offline work, so whether you have an internet connection or not, you can use all the great features of this application. Overall, Gallery Go is a great collection of images that even comes with the Google seal of approval.


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