Equalizer Video Player 3.1.9 for Android

Download Free Equalizer Video Player 3.1.9 for Android

Equalizer Video Player is a very simple video player. Its main advantage is that it has a built-in audio equalizer that can be used to correct or improve the audio of the video you are watching.

The interface is very basic and includes a main menu where you can see a list of all the videos you have saved on your device. You just have to choose one to start watching right now.

Once you select a video, you can see that the player also has a simple interface. The only special control available is the equalizer button. Here, you can adjust various settings to adjust the sound quality. You can also lock the screen by pressing the button in the lower right corner.

Equalizer Video Player is an impressive video player that lets you watch any video on your Android device, with the audio perfectly suited to your preferences.


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