BeautyCam 10.0.60 for Android – Download

Download Free BeautyCam 10.0.60 for Android – Download

BeautyCam is an image editing application developed by Meitu that lets you apply dozens of filters to your best snapshots. You can even create unique collages using several images and choosing from tones of wacky patterns.

BeautyCam lets you edit your photos in a similar way to what you can do with the Meitu app. In other words, you can take a portrait and turn it into a manga character, adding great fun effects like bubbles, pupils, teary eyes, dog ears and more. All changes are immediate because the application automatically recognizes faces. But in case it does not happen, you can always adjust it manually.

Another extremely fun feature of BeautyCam is that it allows you to create amazing collages. Using this feature, you can create short stories with many images to be integrated into a manga style frame. Of course, you can also use more “traditional” frames.

BeautyCam is an incredibly fun image editing application that lets you turn a boring portrait into a “selfie” to share with the world.


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