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When we connect our computer to a private LAN or the Internet, we open a door that can be used by cyber criminals to attack or steal our personal information. To fight this type of threat we have firewalls. One of the best free firewalls available today is Alarm zone without alarm.

The most downloaded firewall in the world.

A high quality firewall

This type of tool controls all incoming and outgoing connections of our computer, keeping us informed of all this and preventing what we do not want to start. Before Windows systems and most viruses included firewalls, ZoneAlarm Free became popular as competent security server with a user-friendly interface, which in addition was completely free.

ZoneAlarm Free is another one of the best firewalls. The little brother of protection products developed by ZoneAlarm does not include antivirus or antispyware features, focusing all its power on detecting and blocking strange connections.

Other characteristics

If you complete this application with one of the free anti-virus and anti-spyware programs we can find on the Internet, we can succeed the same levels of protection we would have with a paid solution. As a firewall application, it has so many options available and the same effectiveness of even the most expensive programs on the market, allowing us to set all kinds of rules through a user-friendly interface. Of our ability to control e-mail is very interesting because it can prevent a bot from sending spam to any of our friends without our permission.

One of the best firewalls, and even better, is completely free.

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