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Zonelabs is one of the leading computer security companies. Theirs The firewall, ZoneAlarm, is without a doubt one of the best and now they decided to start one complete security suite. Extreme ZoneAlarm security includes everything you need to know about data security and your computer

Firewall, antivirus, antispyware and anti-SPAM, all in one

To the best firewall, which is very easy to install and configure, we must now add a powerful antivirus that can eradicate any virus or Trojan as well as a antispyware application which will preclude any attempt to steal passwords as well as keyloggers. In addition, on our disk it will be much easier to handle Anti-SPAM and additional password protection will also reduce the threats they may pose.

On the other hand, the application offers us the ability to activate game mode to improve our computer performance when needed, a really interesting option for hardcore gamers. In addition, the wireless protection is also a very interesting and innovative idea. Like any good antivirus suite, Extreme ZoneAlarm security updates automatically from the Internet, so that it always has the latest definitions and virus protection.

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