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Many users focus on using an antivirus program and forget about other more important security measures such as the firewall, this is the first hurdle that malware detects when trying to access our computer.

If you are already using antivirus from ZoneAlarm or any other, all you need is a good firewall and this is exactly what you will find ZoneAlarm Pro to complete your protection with other options such as: identity protection, cookie blocker and popup window blocker, utensils, accessories detection, …

Key features of ZoneAlarm Pro

  • Firewall. ZoneAlarm Pro becomes an invisible barrier that protects you from cyber criminals, monitoring both incoming and outgoing threats.
  • Anti-Spyware. The application is capable of preventing spyware that others are not even able to detect and eliminate, thanks to hourly signature updates.
  • Anti-electronic fishing. It protects against identity theft, thanks to a series of applications that block and eliminate programs designed to steal personal data.

Additionally, this security software includes other options such as wireless protection, privacy protection, real-time information service known as SmartDefense, etc.

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