Zombie Smasher 2.2 for Android

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Zombie Smasher is a zombie killing game in which instead of a shotgun, machine gun or rocket launcher, we must use our finger to finish all the zombies that come our way.

The game engineers are very simple: the zombies will appear on the screen and our goal will be to kill them all by breaking them with our finger. So simple. Fortunately to offer a little variety we will be able to find up to 7 different types of zombies.

Even greater variety is provided by the three different game modes. On the one hand, we have the “Story Mode” with sixty levels in which we can find out what is happening while killing many zombies. and “Survival Mode” and “Time Mode”, which offer more immediate experiences if possible.

Although the graphical part of Zombie Smasher is not very good, the character designs are a lot of fun and the overall quality of the characters is good.

Zombie Smasher is an action game where you have to slaughter many zombies with the help of your fingers. A more fun hobby.


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