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Imagine you are arriving at your high school and suddenly the zombies start invading it. Well, this is just the beginning in Zombie High School, an arcade game with RPG touches where you can take on a host of challenges with or against other players in real time.

Zombie High School turns you into one of the students to help a group of your classmates survive and get rid of all the living dead. To do this, you will need to complete a series of tasks and missions in which you could be with or against others. The best part is that the game includes really great graphics and extremely intuitive and easy to use controls.

Zombie High School includes many game modes so you never get bored. For example, there is an infection mode where one of the students will be a zombie and the others have to run and survive. Then there is another one where you have to use your best strategies and face 4 vs. 4 battles.

If you want to have a great time defending your high school against a zombie invasion, Zombie High School is one of those games that forces you to ally with other players in real time to create effective tactics that will help you survive.


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