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Download Free Zgirls 1.2.38 for Android – Download

Zgirls is a rather strange game that combines elements of traditional strategy and management games with things more typical of classic sim dating games. This means you can just as easily send troops into the battle against zombies as you would get one of your officers on a date.

The story in Zgirls is simple: a zombie apocalypse has humanity on the brink of extinction and your goal is to create a base strong enough to fight all the zombies. But of course fighting zombies is stressful – and nothing helps relieve stress better than going on a date.

When on screen to manage your tower, you can build and upgrade your buildings, as well as recruit troops. You can also gain resources, communicate with your allies, or plan attacks against other players. On the dating screen, on the other hand, you can chat with any of the many ladies in your class.

Zgirls is a weird combination of genres that will surely appeal to fans of strategy games, along with those who love dating. Best of all, the graphics are great.


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