YouTube TV 4.50.1 – Free PC Download

Download Free YouTube TV 4.50.1 – Free PC Download

At this point, what else can we say about YouTube, Google’s video streaming service that has been reducing employee productivity around the world for the past 10 years by interrupting study sessions, filling the Internet with video cat and makes you fall asleep much later than you should? Well, there is more to it than just this monster on the Internet that can be used to consume all kinds of audiovisual content now comes along with an online pay-TV service.

What is YouTube TV?

This is the name of this newer invention from the video portal and it allows us to access one selection of TV channels through monthly payment that are now available online and via streaming. It currently offers access to 40 channels, including general and themed pay-per-view cable channels: ABC, NBC, ESPN, FX, Syfy, Sports Network, National Geographic or Fox, among others.

Okay, so other than working as an online TV platform, why register as a user? Basically, because it comes with advantages that other services, such as unlimited registration and storage in the cloud any program or broadcast so you can watch it whenever and wherever you want.

Your favorite cable TV channels, now online.

Remember that we are not talking about an alternative service on HBO or Netflix, as the latter works as an on-demand service. This is probably an alternative to other cable TV operators that offer us different TV packages.

Main characteristics

  • Recording functions with unlimited cloud storage.
  • 6 users per account with independent credentials.
  • 3 simultaneous flows per account.
  • Compatibility with Chromecast and Google Home.

There are versions for both iPhone and Android that allow us to enjoy this service on our smartphone or tablet. In other words, you can record whatever you want to watch and then play it wherever you go.

How much? About $ 35 a month. But there is a trap. Currently, The service is only available in some of the largest cities in the United States. When will he come to your city or country? Nobody knows.

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