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Download Free youtube-dl 2021.01.08 – Free PC Download

With the growing popularity of YouTube, one should not be surprised to see dozens, for example hundreds, of programs that allow us to download videos directly from the Google portal to our computer, so you can watch them offline and without the annoying ads that usually appear.

Download videos without any kind of interface to distract you.

youtube-dl is one of the many programs of its kind, but with a big difference in terms of its competitors. Its developers have focused all their efforts on offering us a fast and reliable product, leaving a thriving, impressive user interface, on the one hand. This software runs directly from the Windows command prompt, without prior installation, allowing us to download videos to our hard drive in seconds.

How to download videos from YouTube with this program?

In previous versions of this video downloader, we needed Python on our computer, but with this new .exe file that we offer you, you do not need to install anything. Just follow these instructions:

  • Download youtube-dl.exe on your computer.
  • Open the command prompt from the system icon.
  • Navigate to the path where the exe file is stored.
  • Enter youtube-dl [URL of the video on YouTube] and press Enter.

In a few seconds it will be downloaded to the folder where we saved the .exe file and we will also be able to add hundreds of parameters to the command, affecting the format and quality of the video.

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