Yandex.Weather 11.24 for Android – Download

Download Free Yandex.Weather 11.24 for Android – Download

If you are looking for a tool to see the weather forecast for your city, Yandex. Weather offers all the information you need to prepare for the next 10 days – in your current city, as well as others you plan to visit. The application also has meticulous graphics, which means you can enjoy the projection view in a pleasing aesthetic.

This application is very simple and very convenient, as it has only one main window where you will see the basic details of the daily forecast in a large box. Inside is the time of sunrise and sunset, whether it will be rainy or sunny or cloudy at certain times of the day, wind speed, estimated temperature for a specific time of day or humidity level in your location.

To expand the weather information for the next few days, simply tap each entry to go to a special window that displays an analysis of the same details that you see in the main window.

With Yandex. Not only can you see the climate in your city, but also create favorite locations and control the weather in them with a single click. This feature helps you monitor the weather in cities where other friends and family members live or at your next travel destination.

Download Yandex.Weather if you want accurate weather details. Never leave without an umbrella again thanks to these features.


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