Yandex Pro (taximeter) 9.99 APK Download from Yandex applications

Download Free Yandex Pro (taximeter) 9.99 APK Download from Yandex applications

Work when you want

Yandex Pro (Taximeter) allows you to work every day or earn some money at night. You drive the car, the app takes orders.

Get started fast

Download the application and register. Go through some formalities with a taxi company and start working. Yandex Pro (Taximeter) will direct you where you can earn the most money and send you orders.

Get customers automatically

You do not need to look for customers – you automatically receive orders from the nearest customers. Yandex Pro (Taximeter) distributes orders, so you spend less time empty and more time earning.

Free Yandex.Navigator

Find customers and get them to their destination quickly thanks to Yandex.Navigator. You do not need to do anything – it will automatically take instructions and guide you on your way. For you, Navigator is completely free.

See high payment orders on the map

See where most orders are. Yandex Pro (Taximeter) displays a map showing places with the highest demand. High demand means higher rates, so orders from these parties pay more.

Transparent profits

Start working and you will be paid the next day. Yandex Pro (Taximeter) will show you how much you earn on an order, how much money is in your account and how much you have earned in a given day.

Yandex Pro (Taximeter) operates in more than 300 major cities in Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Serbia, Ghana, Israel, Finland and C Εte d’Ivoire.

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