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Yandex Browser for Android is, therefore, the official Yandex browser for Android, which offers a fast browsing experience with a wide range of features, with some exclusively in the mobile version.

As expected, the Yandex browser for Android has all the features of a modern browser: easy bookmark management, quick tab switching, password saving, etc. Although it uses Yandex as the default search engine, you can change it to Google or Yahoo from the app settings.

One of the most interesting features of Yandex Browser for Android is the turbo option, which makes the browser go faster using web and video compression. This also helps save on your data plan.

Another feature that makes Yandex Browser for Android essential for desktop browser users is that it allows you to synchronize all your data. As with Google Chrome, you can share your bookmarks and history between your PC and Android.

Yandex Browser is a great browser for Android, offering a good number of features and a real alternative to other major operating systems.


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