Yandex.Browser 20.12.1 for Windows – Download

Download Free Yandex.Browser 20.12.1 for Windows – Download

Yandex.Browser is a separate browser from Russia developed by the creators of the search engine Yandex.

This application is quite similar to Google Chrome, as it offers interesting features such as site security scan, courtesy of Kaspersky.

If you go to this browser, you can even import your favorite bar from Google Chrome to have your favorite sites with a single click. You can also add useful widgets, such as weather and traffic information or social media alerts.

Your searches can be performed from the Smartbox, which will generate various suggestions for results, so you can find what you are looking for faster.

Yandex.Browser also includes a “turbo function”, which is automatically activated if your Internet connection speed starts to decrease. It will open pages much faster thanks to data compression, thus saving time and traffic.

In terms of security, Yandex.Browser has an anti-virus protection and Kaspersky will scan all the files you want to download.

This browser, like many others these days, is also able to translate any website written in a different language, with up to 14 options, such as Spanish, French, German and Ukrainian.

Russian Yandex Browser launches open beta

Yandex is the most widely used web browser in Russia, holding more than 60% of the market share (well above Google) due to its ability to detect Russian curves in the search bar. The browser itself started in beta a few years ago, but only now that the first open beta of Yandex Browser has been released with an original browser interface and the added benefit of Chromium-based

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