Yandere Simulator 2020-12-23 for Windows

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Yandere Simulator is a role-playing secret game where you play a jealous young student (the Yandere of the moment), who will do whatever it takes to approach his favorite senpai. Obviously, what is needed even involves killing other students at school when necessary.

In this version of the game you can visit several different locations. You start the game in the main character’s room, where you can change her knits or take a look at the sanctuary she has created for her senpai. From there you can go straight to school or cycle around the city.

Almost all the action in Yandere Simulator takes place at school, where many other students are with you. You can talk to them to improve your reputation and search the buildings as well. The most important thing, of course, is that you can use many different weapons to kill them. Once they die, you can drag their bodies and try to hide them.

You can change your hairstyle at any time during the game by pressing H. You can also change your accessories and glasses. There are many interesting curiosities in this game waiting to be discovered.

Yandere Simulator is a secret game that is surprisingly good despite being at such an early stage of development. It has huge content and very nice graphics. All indications are that once completed, it will be a real hit.


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