Yana 2.3.3 for Android – Download

Download Free Yana 2.3.3 for Android – Download

Yana is a virtual assistant designed to chat with users and keep them company. If you are struggling with anxiety or depression, try Yana and have automated conversations at all times.

Once you’ve created an account, your new virtual friend will get to know you better by asking a few basic questions. After that, Yana will help you start some new habits that will be beneficial for your mental health. As you follow the steps suggested by Yana, you will slowly notice some improvement in your thoughts.

Yana has a well-organized interface that clearly displays all the elements on the screen. In addition to eighty exercises to help you improve your habits, Yana also has a recording feature where you can write things about your daily life that you are grateful for and then save notes. Put negativity behind with the Yana app.

Yana has many habits and exercises that can help you improve your emotional health. With Yana on your Android, you can start a conversation at any time and never feel alone.


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