Xeoma 21.10.13 for Mac – Download

Download Free Xeoma 21.10.13 for Mac – Download

Security is important, whether at home or at work, but setting up a network of security cameras can be expensive if you have to buy a lot of equipment or hire a security company. A cheaper option is to buy your own cameras and use free software.

With Xeoma, you can set up a security network in just a few minutes. Just add the drives and cameras – the program is compatible with almost any model – and assign a task.

The software can turn any of your cameras into motion detectors and show you a live stream of video from your cameras on your screen, like a standard security network.

You can use it to monitor your home or business or even leave your laptop open and make sure no one is using it. If something happens, the software may send you an email or text message to alert you. You can also access videos remotely using another computer, once you have Xeoma installed.

In fact, it is portable, so you can carry it anywhere and connect to your security network at any time. Ideally, though, you should have it fully installed on the computer to which you have the cameras connected.

If you want to create a security network for your home or workplace, you can use Xeoma to save money and time. Undoubtedly a great way to stay safe.


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