Xenia – Xbox 360 Emulator 2020.12.29 (D3D12) for Windows

Download Free Xenia – Xbox 360 Emulator 2020.12.29 (D3D12) for Windows

Xenia is an Xbox 360 emulator. Even if it is not an end product that is accessible to everyone, it is the foundation for something that could become a very interesting project. In short: you can use it to imitate games, but it is a very complicated process.

For starters, you must be running Windows 8.1 or later, as the tool is not compatible with Windows 7 (or older operating systems). In addition to this limitation, keep in mind that you must have Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 and Python 2.7 installed for the emulator to work.

To be on the same page, Xenia is a constantly evolving emulator. Although some games can be simulated correctly (the site lists the compatible ones), most games do not work.

Xenia Emulator is an interesting project due to the simple fact that it is the first Xbox 360 emulator that could become fully functional one day. But, you have to have a computer that is powerful enough to run a video game.


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