Xbox beta 2108.820.2122 APK Download from Microsoft Corporation

Download Free Xbox beta 2108.820.2122 APK Download from Microsoft Corporation

Easily share game clips and screenshots from your console to your favorite games and social networks. Friends and parties follow you with voice chat and text chat, even if they are on a console or computer. Receive notifications of new game invitations, messages, and more. Plus, you can now play games from your console directly on your phone over the internet. The free Xbox app is the best way to stay in the game – wherever you want to play.

-Download the new Xbox (Beta) app and stay connected with friends and games
-Easily share game clips and screenshots on your favorite social networks
-Use built-in voice and text chat with friends on console or PC
-Play games from your console directly to your phone over the internet *
Receive notifications for new game invitations, party chat messages and more

* Requires supported phones or tablets (mobile data charges may apply) and supported Bluetooth controller, with supported games. Xbox One or Xbox Series X must be turned on or in Instant-On mode. Learn more at The multiplayer online console (including Xbox remote play) requires Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or Xbox Live Gold, subscriptions sold separately.


The following terms complement the software license terms that accompany the beta version of the Xbox application.

See the Microsoft EULA Terms of Service for Microsoft Android gaming applications. By installing the application, you agree to these terms and conditions:

FEEDBACK. By commenting on the Xbox App beta at Microsoft, you are giving Microsoft, free of charge, the right to use, share and commercialize your comments in any way and for any purpose. You also give third parties, free of charge, any patents required to use their products, technologies and services or to link to specific parts of a Microsoft software or service that includes the comments. You will not post any licensed comments that require Microsoft to license the software or its documentation to third parties, because we include your comments in them. These rights survive this agreement.

NOTICE SOFTWARE. The Xbox App beta is a pre-release version. It may not work properly or it may work the way a final version of the software will. We may change it for the final, commercial version. We may also not release a commercial version.

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