XAMPP 8.0.12 for Windows – Download

Download Free XAMPP 8.0.12 for Windows – Download

If you have ever tried to attach an Apache web server, you will realize that it is not easy. If you also need to install a database administrator such as MySQL or a server language such as PHP, this task becomes even more difficult.

Thanks to XAMPP you will be able to install Apache + PHP + MySQL in just 5 minutes. Forget the log and the difficult steps, you just need to follow the steps given by this easy guide.

Although these three parts are the best known, XAMPP can install other utilities such as PHPmyAdmin, OpenSSL, PERL or Webalizer, so you can have a full-featured server without having to work hard.

Whether you are setting up a local server for testing or setting up a real web web server, XAMPP is the easy way to do it.


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