WPSApp 1.6.57 for Android – Download

Download Free WPSApp 1.6.57 for Android – Download

WPSapp is the perfect app for anyone who wants to get first hand information about WiFi connection and confirm their security. Regardless of your technical networking skills, with this tool you can control the most important aspects of your Internet connection at a glance.

This application is divided into two tabs: networks and devices. In the first tab, you can see any available network connections, including your own and its IP address, as well as the encryption type of each connection. In addition, you can connect to the network with a single click, as long as the network is open or you have the security key. Device information is displayed on the second tab, including the number of devices connected to your WiFi network and the type, model, and IP address of each device. With this feature, you can find out if someone is connected to your network without your permission, disconnect any user from your network, and securely control your network.

If you have any concerns about your network connection – or want to check if your neighbor uses your WiFi network – WPSApp is a great way to find out who is connecting to your router. Avoid unsafe network connections and keep your network secure with WPSApp.


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