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The world of Azeroth is waiting for your arrival, where you will have to choose between the Alliance and the Horde, the two opposing and irreconcilable groups World of Warcraft the WoW, the most popular MMORPG in the world, with more than 11 million players a day.

The third WoW expansion

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm is the third official expansion of the popular MMO. With this demo, you can find out why they are so great exciting and addictive game. Choose from two factions (with five games available for each faction) and nine different character classes. The story is set shortly after its end Warcraft 3, in the middle of the war between them Alliance and the horde, a war in which you have to take part while you manage to increase your level. This demo lets you get there level 20, from the 70 available levels, and at each new level, you will learn new skills and special spells which is exclusive to each class.

In general terms, World of Warcraft can be played in two ways, PvE (Player vs Environment) in which the game focuses on missions, dungeons (common multiplayer missions) and to interact with the world, and PvP (Player vs Player) where you have to do it Prove your ability in battle against other players in the arena and battlefield. Thus, each player will be able to play according to what they like best.

World of Warcraft he’s got One of more complete and absorbing worlds from what they have seen so far in an RPG and if you decide to buy the full game, you will be able to enjoy the constant updates that the game receives each month, as well as the various extensions that the full game has.

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