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World Conqueror 3 is a very complex strategy game where you take on the conquest of the planet through multiple game systems and a single focus: develop the best possible strategy. In this adventure your mission is to lead your troops into battle under any circumstances and achieve victory over everyone else.

It is up to you to follow along with thirty different historical real-life campaigns with hundreds of military tasks that will really test your strategic skills. To move forward in any campaign, you must complete the first blocks and face the different commanders in some of the most important strategic bases in Europe. Complete the enemy troops with the development of your army and show your logic by blocking the strategy of your opponent.

This adventure makes you choose sides and follow a different story arch according to the selected group. Follow one of the four scenarios, choosing from four different eras and develop multidisciplinary troops and armies that will vary depending on the decisions you make. Enjoy countless options and become the leader of almost any country.

With fifty countries and two hundred well-known generals. World Conqueror 3 will no doubt be stuck for hours in games where anything can happen. Catch your opponents and show them what you got in this complex strategy adventure where logic and intelligence will make or break your game.


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