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Wordscapes Search is a word puzzle game where your goal is to combine different letters to form words. At each level, you are given a group of words to find in the classic word search, where you can find words vertically, horizontally or diagonally. And, if you find an extra word that is not in the list, even better.

The game in Wordscapes Search is the same as you are used to: at the top of the screen there is a list of words you need to find. Below this is a grid full of letters with words hidden inside, where you have to delete each one you find. In addition, each puzzle contains an extra word that is not in the list, which, if found, will give you an extra point.

The first levels of Wordscapes Search are easy, with short and easy words. Then, as you go through and unlock new levels, things will start to get harder. The words of five and six letters will really test your vocabulary. Fortunately, if at some point you get stuck, you can use a hint (which will show you the location of one of the letters).

In Wordscapes Search, there are over 1000 different levels. To unlock each level, all you have to do is play and win coins. These coins will allow you to unlock new levels as well as buy tips. Additionally, if the coins run out at any time, you can simply watch a video ad to get more.

Wordscapes Search is a very fun word search game that tests your search skills.


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