Wordscapes 1.13.1 for Android – Download

Download Free Wordscapes 1.13.1 for Android – Download

Wordscapes is a puzzle game where you have to make words using the letters given in each level. In the first rounds you only have three or four letters, but as you go you get a lot more.

The game in Wordscapes is simple: at the bottom of the screen you have the letters of the level and join them together to create words using your finger. Each time you create a word it appears in the corresponding slots above.

In Wordscapes you have more than 2000 different puzzles to solve. The first one looks like a simple crossword puzzle, but the difficulty increases as you reach higher levels. The background image is also updated each time you unlock a new layer pack.

Wordscapes is a very fun puzzle game with beautiful aesthetics and an overwhelming number of levels.


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