WordPress 16.4 for Android – Download

Download Free WordPress 16.4 for Android – Download

WordPress is the official content management system tool focused on blogging in WordPress. You can use it to manage all the details of your blog: create posts, check comments, edit template, view statistics …

You can do all this thanks to the interface that has been specially designed to meet the needs of users with touch screen devices. This way, you can perfectly manage your blog using a mobile phone. although you will get better results using any Android based tablet.

The only interesting feature from the web application that is not included in this version of Android is that it automatically saves your entries. This is a problem because if your Android device turns off unexpectedly, then you may lose all the work that you have not saved until then. this does not happen when you work from the browser.

WordPress is a fantastic blog management tool that should be installed on the devices of those who own one of these sites. The number of features and the way they are presented make it an extremely useful tool.

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