Woodturning 1.9.1 for Android – Download

Download Free Woodturning 1.9.1 for Android – Download

Woodturning is a simple game in which your mission is to use a chisel to carve all kinds of wood shapes. The 3D graphics of this game make it easy to follow the instructions and create each item.

Like most VOODOO toys, Woodturning has simple and intuitive controls. Basically, all you have to do is press the chisel to move it closer to the piece of wood to draw the shape that appears on each level. Not only that, but this toy clearly shows the shape you need to draw with a border on the piece of wood.

While carving all kinds of pieces in the Woodturning game, be sure to use the chisel carefully. Engrave too much, and you will end up breaking part of the wood and you will not have enough to create the shape. Keep in mind that you can choose the best chisel type for your job at the bottom of the screen.

Relax while carving all kinds of objects with the Woodturning app. See it and use every turn to your advantage as you move the chisel and create all kinds of wooden shapes. Finally, once you have completed the sculpture, you can paint your piece to create an elegant final result.


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