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Download Free Wink 3.8.0 for Android – Download

Wink is a very interesting application if you want to meet new people to interact with Snapchat. With this app, you just have to swipe left or right if you are interested in the person who appears randomly on your screen.

One of the good things about Wink is that the app integrates directly with Snapchat. This way, you do not have to re-enter information related to your profile on this social network. However, you need to add some photos and indicate your gender and the gender of the people you want to meet.

Depending on how you fill in the required fields, users will start appearing. In addition to photos of these people, you will also see the name and age of each new new friend. Now, depending on whether you swipe left or right on the screen, you will be able to indicate that you want to start a conversation with the person of your choice. For this to happen, the other person must also swipe right on your image.

If you receive a match, you just need to go to the chat tab to start a conversation with the other person. In short, Wink is one of those apps that makes it easy to meet different people and, who knows, maybe even start a nice friendship.


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