Wikipedia 2.7.50345-samsung-2021-03-11 for Android – Download

Download Free Wikipedia 2.7.50345-samsung-2021-03-11 for Android – Download

Wikipedia is the official application for Wikipeda and allows you to access the entire content of one of the largest sources of information on the Internet by making a few gestures on the screen of your Android device.

Its interface is very simple and is limited to just space to write the word you are interested in and search for it in the database. However, thanks to this exceptional simplicity, Wikipedia fulfills its purpose perfectly and ends up being very convenient and fast to use.

The content that you can access from the app is exactly the same as what is available on the site. However, the ease of accessing it directly from an application is what makes the difference.

Wikipedia is a very useful application for those who have a research mind. Now you can access the world’s main source of information directly from your Android device, provided you are connected to the Internet.

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The Wikipedia application is now much smoother

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