Where is my water? 2 1.9.7 for Android

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Where’s My Water 2 is the second installment of this wonderful Disney game, where you have to guide the water with the right pressure so that Swampy, a charming alligator, can take a good shower.

To get the water to Swampy, you need to clear the dirt and grime that obstructs your path, using your finger to create a path along which water can flow. Of course, it is not as easy as it sounds, and you will have to overcome all kinds of traps and obstacles if you want to reach more than 100 levels in the game.

Where’s My Water 2 brings 2 more alligator friends to the picture with Allie and Crankie, who both need showers. Of course, this is not the only new feature in this sequel: there are more play modes, reshaped graphics, special power-ups and many new achievements for unlocking.

Where’s My Water 2 is a great puzzle game that responds to its predecessor with a similar gaming experience that adds more levels, more characters and more features. And, this time the game is completely free.


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