WhatSender 8.1 – Free PC Download

Download Free WhatSender 8.1 – Free PC Download

Due to the fact that everyone has WhatsApp on their phones, this application has become a powerful marketing tool as it is easy to reach many different users and because, unlike emails, messages are easier to read.

The perfect WhatsApp marketing tool

The fact is that the official WhatsApp applications for desktops or browsers have some limitations in terms of sending huge messages. WhatSender is a client that intends to solve this problem and offers the user one tool for sending messages to all members in our contact list.

These are the main features of this program:

  • Send custom messages.
  • Import contact lists in CSV and TXT formats or by copying and pasting.
  • Send messages to all your contacts.
  • Check delivery logs or filter contacts by number.

This is a free version with one major drawback to the premium version: we cannot import contact lists in TXT or CSV format, so we must import them manually. And that can be very annoying …

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